Wanda Nycklass: 2021 Caring Award Recipient

COVID-19 changed our world in 2020. The virus moved fast and furious. With that intensity came an extreme amount of fear and anxiety. How do we safely provide services for the people we are called upon to care for?

Exceptional home health aides, like Wanda Nycklass, rose to the occasion at a time of understandable safety fears early on in the emergency.

Wanda always demonstrates a calm and professional demeanor.

She is unflinching, and gladly accepted the assignment of caring for Eddy SeniorCare’s first COVID-positive participant. She did so without hesitation.

Wanda was the role model that her colleagues needed in the storm.

As time went on, Wanda’s peers saw her as a shining example of encouragement to continue providing the best quality care despite the many gripping fears of the pandemic.

Wanda consistently demonstrates unparalleled dedication to her PACE participants, stepping forward in so many other ways.

In one recent instance, she provided two 12-hour respite shifts on her days off when the participant’s caregiver needed surgery. Yet again, she didn’t hesitate.

Despite all of the monumental disruptions in our daily lives caused by COVID-19, Wanda was able to maintain perfect attendance throughout the pandemic. She has been a fixture of dependability at a time when so much seems to be chaotic.

In recognition for her leadership and care, Wanda also achieved Level II on The Eddy’s home health aide career ladder program — a testament to her advancement as a caring professional.


The Caring Award recognizes a staff person of an agency who has exhibited the compassion, skills and service that sets his or her contribution apart and/or whose actions on a particular day or over a period of time exemplify caring in home care.