Workers’ Comp Board Issues Telemedicine Rule 

Situation Report | February 8, 2021

The Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has issued a rule which allows the use of telemedicine in some instances to reduce COVID-19 health and safety risks that can be avoided through social distancing.

Currently, certain authorized providers may use telemedicine when medically appropriate in applicable emergency, evaluation and management, and common procedures, provided that use of telemedicine is in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

This rule expands the use of telemedicine to include instances which, in the clinical judgment of the authorized provider, the potential risk of COVID-19 infection to an individual patient outweighs any real or perceived incremental benefit that would derive from an in-person versus remote or virtual appointment.

This emergency rulemaking expires 90 days from its January 12, 2021 filing (April 11, 2021), and is effective upon the expiration of the previous emergency adoption regarding telemedicine: on January 18, 2021.