A Message from HCA Communications Director Roger Noyes on a New Chapter

Situation Report | August 16, 2021 

For the past nearly 14 years, it has been my privilege to serve as HCA’s communications director. I am proud to have worked with an exceptional team at HCA to keep the membership and the public informed about home and community-based services news and updates, and more.  

I now have the opportunity to take on a new role in my career, as Director of Public Information for the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA), a post I will assume on August 23. This offers me a chance to build on the work I’ve already accomplished in my time at HCA under the incredible tutelage and fellowship of the HCA Policy, operations, and Executive teams.    

As I recently explained to members of HCA’s Board, in many respects I feel as though I grew up with HCA – starting in my late 20s, through my 30s, and into my early 40s. The good news is that I am not going far and will continue to work in similar areas, with a specific focus on behalf of New York’s 4.3 million older adults.    

I also welcome the opportunity to be a part of the great and productive working relationship that HCA has long maintained with NYSOFA on issues of shared concern.    

I want to thank the HCA membership for all that you do serving the home and community-based services needs of New Yorkers and for being a source of expertise that I have turned to regularly in my work at HCA. I also want to specifically thank HCA President Al Cardillo, as well as recent past President Joanne Cunningham, along with all of my great HCA colleagues, for teaching me so much about the issues and policy landscape for home and community services in an incredibly fostering environment for professional growth.