capitol_000004375507XSmallWhether it’s home care legislation, the State Budget or regulatory changes, HCA is an active and influential voice in Albany. HCA’s comprehensive advocacy agenda arises from the input of members in coordination with HCA’s expert policy staff who routinely meet with state officials to support, challenge, gain clarification and develop solutions related to home care policies.

State Advocacy Day Documents 2017

HCA has prepared three documents for our 2017 State Advocacy Day on February 7 in Albany. These include:

Printed versions of all three documents will be provided to members during next week’s Advocacy Day program.

The first two documents (colored blue) will be shared with the Legislature and Executive. You are welcome to reference these in your legislative meetings during our February 7 State Advocacy Day.

The third, entitled “Making Your State Advocacy Day Pitch,” is colored yellow and will be printed in pamphlet style for Advocacy Day. This document is for HCA members, not legislators, and offers a set of instructions for your meetings.

HCA’s Legislative Action Center

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