HCA offers access to a professional and courteous staff to assist members on state and federal legislation, regulations, and reimbursement issues pertinent to the home health field.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality and prices of medicines that are used for home care.

You can contact HCA staff by calling the HCA main line at (518) 426-8764, or by dialing the numbers listed below each staff member’s name.

Al Cardillo

President and CEO

(518) 810-0663

Rebecca Fuller Gray

Executive Vice President for Clinical and Program Affairs

Patrick Conole

Vice President, Finance and Management

(518) 810-0661

Andrew Koski

Vice President, Program Policy and Services

(518) 810-0662

Alyssa Lovelace

Director for Public Policy and Advocacy

(518) 810-0658

Lauren Ford

Director of Program Research, Development and Policy

(518) 261-2540

Laura Constable

Senior Director, Membership and Operation

(518) 810-0660

Mercedes Teague

Financial Manager

(518) 810-0657

Celisia Street

Director of Education

(518) 810-0656

Jenny Kerbein

Director of Governance and Graphic Design

(518) 810-0659

Billi Wilson

Manager, Meetings and Events

(518) 810-0666

Teresa Brown

Administrative Assistant

(518) 810-0655