FI RFO Update: New Survey Process Launched to Consider Additional Awards 

Situation Report | May 17, 2021

HCA has learned that the state Department of Health (DOH) will be sending a survey in June to all entities that submitted applications under the Fiscal Intermediary (FI) Request for Offers (RFO) process to determine which additional FI awards will be made.

A requirement in the final 2021-22 state budget allows DOH to make some additional awards following the February announcement of applicant awardees and non-awardees. DOH will review the new FI surveys over the summer and determine which additional awards to make.

As described in an April 19 guidance, DOH is not changing the process through which non-awarded FIs will have to transition consumers to Department-contracted FIs, as outlined in MLTC Policy 21.01. The policy says that any current FI can continue providing services until the Contract Notification Date (as defined in the policy), after which the non-awarded FI will have 90 days to cease FI operations.

Currently, the Contract Notification Date has not yet been determined, and no current FIs are required to transition consumers at this time.

DOH encourages agencies to review this policy to ensure their understanding of the transition policies.

Questions on the transition process can be submitted to