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HCA Insurance Bill Now a 2-House Measure: Act Now in Support! 


Assembly Insurance Committee Chairman Kevin Cahill has introduced HCA’s home care insurance realignment bill (A.7706), making this legislation a two-house, bipartisan measure, following Senate Insurance Chairman James Seward’s introduction of the bill (S.5076) in late April.

The legislation seeks to provide long-overdue updates to the State Insurance Law dictating coverage for home care services. (More information is on our website here.)

Now that the bill has been introduced in both houses, we need your help to urge both the Senate and Assembly to adopt this critical measure before the end of the legislative session on June 17, just a few weeks away.

HCA already asked you to message your legislators after Senator Seward introduced this important measure. Now, given the bill’s bipartisan two-house support, we need all HCA members to act now, in a big way, to get this legislation passed in both houses.

Today we updated our Legislative Action Center campaign on this bill to reflect the Assembly’s sponsorship. So far, over 130 of you and your colleagues have sent messages to the Senate and Assembly on this measure. We need at least 500 of you to do so now. If you have not yet done so, it is crucial for you to use the Legislative Action Center now to voice your support for S.5076/A.7706.

Please share this alert with your colleagues and make sure that you and all of your staff take this next critical advocacy step to help position S.5076/A.7706 for adoption:

  1. Visit our action campaign on this bill at
  2. Read the background information if needed.
  3. Enter your contact information in the fields and click “Send Email.” A pre-written message will go to the inboxes of your legislators. It’s simple.

This process takes less than a minute of your time and it can make a huge difference by getting the whole Legislature on board and on-message with this vital bill that supports the work you do.

If you have any questions about using our Legislative Action Center, or about the bill itself, please do not hesitate to reply to Roger Noyes at this message or at