Guidance Issued on Predrawn Vaccines

Situation Report | May 10, 2021

The state Department of Health (DOH) last week issued guidance on predrawn vaccines for providers vaccinating homebound individuals, and vaccination for individuals in nursing homes and adult care facilities.

If a health care entity determines that use of predrawn syringes is necessary and appropriate, its policies for predrawn syringes for COVID-19 vaccines should:

Health care entities that elect to establish predrawn syringe policies and protocols are advised to refer and adhere to all other applicable New York State and federal vaccine guidance, including but not limited to state DOH COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Providers.

The guidance also includes recommendations for agency policies and procedures on use of predrawn syringes.

HCA has been very active in working with members who are vaccinating their own staff and patients and developed a series of findings and recommendations that we have presented to state government officials. Some of those findings have been implemented by the state.

We are aware of at least one member who is utilizing predrawn syringes in accordance with guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and expect more to do so now that the state has issued similar guidance.