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POLITICO PRO: Proposal to expand role of EMS pits hospitals against nurses

POLITICO PRO sought HCA’s comment on a state budget proposal to allow for community paramedicine. HCA has, in the past, expressed concerns with community paramedicine legislation because these past proposals seemed to encourage the circumvention of existing licensure requirements for care provided in the home. This prompted a multi-association effort to draft a new bill based on existing licensure roles. The Governor’s proposal appears to largely track with the spirit of this multi-association approach, favored by HCA.

“HCA appreciates the direction of Governor Cuomo’s community paramedicine proposal,” said Roger Noyes, a spokesman for the group. “We specifically appreciate its recognition of needed collaboration between EMS and duly-licensed home care providers for any services that would occur in the home setting. … HCA is optimistic about the approach included in the Governor’s budget and needs to review it further for possible syncing with other existing collaboration initiatives and approaches.”

You can read the article here.