HCA Statewide Grant Innovations Receive Continued Endorsement

Situation Report | August 30, 2021    

New projects, opportunities and innovations are coming!

HCA’s array of statewide grant innovations received continued endorsement this week by the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation. 

The continued endorsement extends for the upcoming year. The COVID-19 and other health system grant initiatives began in 2020 by HCA. The programming is under the leadership of HCA’s affiliated arm “HCA Education and Research,” which spearheads HCA educational initiatives and conducts the extensive grants that have been awarded to the Association.

These initiatives support direct services and agency operations, assist home care personnel and patients and pave the way for new ground in home care service, capability and quality. They also focus heavily on and elevate the importance of home care’s role with partners in integrating clinical practices and service delivery. 

Our initiatives are supported by numerous sources. Among these initiatives, which are at various phases of activity and include the participation of major health system partners, are:

  • The Statewide Hospital-Home Care Collaborative (partnering with both the statewide and upstate regional hospital association)  
  • Statewide Initiatives in Sepsis Screening and Intervention   
  • Project Firstline Infection Control Statewide Training and Education for Home Care and Hospice (partnered to IPRO)  
  • Infection Control Patient Education (partnered to Sepsis Alliance)  
  • Statewide Availability of the Virtual Senior Center of Selfhelp Community Services (VSC)   
  • Home Care and Hospice Clinician Training for In-Home COVID Testing  
  • Best Clinical and Operation Practices for COVID and Beyond  
  • New York City Home Care Nurse Residency Program   
  • VSC pilot for Veterans  
  • Home Care Emergency Preparedness (two programs)  
  • Other 

HCA will be following with a special update and description of all of these initiatives and their resourcefulness for the membership. 

Members should note the related article and announcement in this issue concerning the public launch of phase II of the Statewide Hospital-Home Care Collaborative. HCA encourages all members to participate in the first of a series of prototype hospital-home care collaborative models that will be featured on September 9 at noon. Mark your calendars for this important session. Registration to follow.