HCA to Continue E-Newsletter Format, Plus Summer Schedule

Situation Report | June 22, 2020

At the outset of the pandemic and the move to remote work requirements, HCA quickly pivoted our weekly flagship newsletter, The Situation Report, to an online format. We did so for technical reasons; but HCA had also long considered moving in this direction.

Even as our team has begun transitioning back to HCA’s physical office space, it is our intention to continue publishing The Situation Report in a web-based format.

The reasons for doing so are numerous. This format makes it easier for readers to pick and choose which stories are personally most relevant. Likewise, readers can more easily forward those stories to staff or peers by passing along an article-specific link. The format also more seamlessly allows for linking to other online resources.

Lastly, the format also gives us analytics about which stories are getting the most reads because the article pages are integrated with the reporting features of our website. Plus, our e-newsletter format gets you to our website — where we want you to dig around and find other information.

We also hope that this format is easier to read on mobile devices.

HCA will continue to work on enhancements in the delivery of this information and welcomes and comments or feedback to HCA’s Communications Director Roger Noyes at rnoyes@hcanys.org.

COVID-19 Updates

Over the past several weeks we’ve been combining all COVID-19-related updates into one story with up to a dozen — and, oftentimes, more — briefs. The intent of the article is to be as concise as possible with each update, and to put it all in once place.

We will continue to do so, as necessary, because we feel it gives you a predictable, once-a-week forum to easily catch up — and reference back to — as needed.

Biweekly Summer Schedule

Finally, HCA is also resuming our biweekly summer newsletter schedule starting in July. Therefore, our regular weekly schedule will end on June 30, followed by publication dates of July 13, July 27, August 10, August 24 and then back to our weekly schedule after Labor Day.

Please be assured that HCA will provide you will all of the necessary breaking news straight to your inbox as necessary via e-mail alert.