Home Care Cost Report Webinar Held

Situation Report | September 7, 2021 

On August 26, 2021, the state Department of Health (DOH) and its partner, KPMG, LLP held a webinar to kick off the posting of the 2020 Home Care Cost Report. 

The materials and a recording will be available in the Cost Report portal and on the DOH website. The program covered: overview of cost report; KPMG’s role; web-based tool walkthrough; updates to the report; review of all schedules; audit process; and more. 

The following Important information was presented : 

  • All Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs), Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs) and Fiscal Intermediaries (FI) will be required to complete the same cost report with schedules that are tailored based on the particular type of entity that is completing the report. 
  • The Report requires the submission of actual, not budgeted, costs. 
  • Some schedules of the Report require an allocation methodology to allocate agency costs or other information to the appropriate entities 
  • The Home Care Cost Report should be completed using the accounting methodology used for your agency’s audited financial statements. 
  • An agency is defined as an organization that operates one or more LHCSA, CHHA or FI. Agencies that operate one or more of these facilities must complete certain schedules of the Home Care Cost Report for each of these entities. 
  • LHCSA and FI entities are required to be separated by county; for example, if a LHCSA provides services in two counties, then that agency is said to have two entities for the purposes of Home Care Cost Report submissions.
  • If a CHHA contracts out the delivery of services to a LHCSA, only the agency contracting out the services should report the associated costs as allowable on the Home Care Cost Report. 
  • KPMG has been engaged by DOH to perform audits of home care cost report submissions. 
  • Each agency that is required to complete the Home Care Cost Report either already has, or will be given, their own unique login credentials. 

For more information, contact Andrew Koski at akoski@hcanys.org or Patrick Conole at pconole@hcanys.org.