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Home Care Hero Kate Enyan

Kate Enyan is a #HomeCareHero. Read her story. 


Getting to the COVID-19 recovery phase is a team effort, and this is especially so when patients and staff alike are directly impacted by illness.

One such patient, Mrs. G, suffered a deep vein thrombosis on March 18 and was hospitalized for three days at the height of the pandemic. Following hospitalization, she came home on blood thinners to avoid future clotting and happily returned to the care of her aides. (Mrs. G has received aide care 12 hours a day since coming to Americare Certified Special Services following a severe stroke in 2013.) A few days later, it was reported that Mrs. G had symptoms mirroring COVID-19.

Americare's RN team called the daughter and the MD and a plan was put into place: to monitor the patient and keep her at home as long as possible.

Soon after, in a scenario that has been repeated throughout this crisis, the two aides caring for Mrs. G, one by one, called Americare's RN team to also report symptoms, requiring the caregivers to go into quarantine.

In an effort to continue providing care, Americare's Service Coordination Team reached out to Kate Enyan who accepted Mrs. G's case, knowing that the patient suffered from COVID-19 and needed assistance.

Kate provided exceptional care to Mrs. G, who is 100 percent recuperated; and both of her longstanding aides, Bertha Reyes and Argentina Prado, have also fully recuperated and are back at work!

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