Livanta Announces Case Notification Update  

Situation Report | February 8, 2021

Livanta has announced that all hard copy notification letters for appeals cases will be transmitted to health care providers and health plans by fax.

Livanta will continue to call patients, patient representatives, and health care providers with all case review determinations by telephone.

Previously, Livanta sent printed copies of physician review determinations for all appeals and quality-of-care cases by mail. 

For appeals cases, determination letters will now be faxed to the appeals fax number that agencies have provided on their required Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). These faxed determination letters are considered official and Livanta will not send a printed copy by mail.

For quality-of-care cases, Livanta will continue to mail determination letters until further notice.

Livanta intends to implement new technologies such as Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) and other secure communication platforms that may replace the need for faxes and other printed media altogether.

For more information on options for electronically transmitting medical records to Livanta, including DSM, please visit Livanta’s website.