Member Value Statement: HCA in 2017

We Solve Your Problems

Home care and hospice providers face challenges, trials and tribulations great and small on a daily basis. When HCA hears about them, we act at all levels. We find a solution, talk to every person of influence, rally our partners, and pursue necessaHCA Value Statement 2017-1ry vehicles for a solution. Whether it’s a specific rate issue, the needs of an individual patient who risks falling through the cracks, or broader aims – like extending the deadline for obtaining physician orders; getting you access to infrastructure funding; or writing legislation to ease and simplify your billing – we get it done.

We Carry Your Voice

The state Medicaid Director, Department of Health program officials, the Medicaid Inspector General, top federal regulators, auditors, and rate-setters all come to HCA’s member events to both speak and listen to you. HCA organizes these vital forums and events so that officials directly hear your concerns, which reflect issues and solutions that HCA otherwise brings to policymakers every day through our Government Affairs teams and Policy staff. With powerful tools like our Legislative Action Center, we craft a unified message for your advocacy with lawmakers, another platform for elevating your voice in the decision-making process. In all of these instances, we make it so all you have to do is: push “send”; come with questions in your pocket; pick up the phone; or send an e-mail. Let us take on your request, do the leg-work and apply our expertise with influencers, so your voice is heard and acted on.

You’re on Our First-to-Know Basis – and We Communicate Your Issues to Big Audiences

When new regulations strike, we alert you. When home care rates change, we tell you how, using data, trends, and intelligence to move the dial in the right direction with payors and policymakers. We are the place where “you heard it (here) first,” through our e-mail alerts or our weekly newsletter, The Situation Report, which is the most comprehensive source for updates affecting New York’s home care industry.

News coverage of home care and hospice issues also matter; that’s why when our concerns and issues hit the news, we send the articles to you in our twice-per-week Home Care Headlines clips, a new HCA member communication product. We’re on top of the news and a part of it. Whether we’re setting the record straight or driving the conversation, our media-relations and communications team voices the home care message dependably, strategically, judiciously and authoritatively.

We Go Everywhere for You

HCA attends every possible venue to get you the answers and to advocate for you. The halls of Congress, State Legislators’ offices, the Governor’s office, the Department of Health, state budget committee hearings, the Public Health and Health Planning Council, Value Based Payment workgroups, Medicare Contractor meetings, Managed Care stakeholder sessions, the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General, and on and on. We go to them, so you don’t have to, and we speak for you, posing all the tough questions and putting necessary terms, conditions or limits on the table, with draft guideline language, protocols or legislation to follow-through.

We Condense What’s Complex for You

New regulations, legislation, federal payment initiatives, and pilot programs all take up thousands of pages of rulemaking or statutory language, and we know that you don’t have time to sift through pages to digest what’s important. HCA’s expert policy team extracts the vital parts, synthesizes and condenses the information, and delivers the essential details to you in a readable format, whether it’s a memo, a briefing paper or a newsletter article. When CMS proposes new home health rates, or when DOH issues a directive, we are on it. We read and analyze the rules, get the clarification that’s needed or resolve the issues that are unworkable, unfeasible or unnecessary. We read every line of statute and regulation with you and your needs in mind.

We Educate You

We know we give you lots of stuff to read, but we also realize the value of interaction, listening, telling, and asking. The learning process in health care takes a lot of time. This time is scarce, and we know you need to spend this time judiciously, focusing on new opportunities, potential risk areas, technical requirements, or great ideas. When we design an HCA webinar, signature conference, “bootcamp,” member forum or statewide informational call, we ask: What do our members need to know or hear about? What format and time commitment is optimal for our members? Who are the best legal experts, the most influential government officials, the go-to consultants, or analysts who can provide concrete, innovative and visionary insights and education? Every home care issue area goes through this same “audition” process, and the end result is an education agenda second-to-none.

We Got This

No other state association compares to HCA when it comes to being energetic, vigilant, and focused on solving your problems. When you are our member, you know that we’ve got this.

Get HCA in 2017

Renew or become an HCA member today. We’ve given you some of the top reasons “Why HCA,” so now it’s time to make it “now HCA” in 2017. If you are a current member, please complete the renewal invoice sent to for your 2017 membership so you can continue enjoying our information and analysis, our advocacy, our technical assistance, our tools and resources, our education and our member service to you. If you have any questions or want to become a new member of HCA, we welcome you to contact HCA’s Senior Director of Membership Laura Constable at or (518) 810-0660.

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