New CHRC Guidance Clarifies Fingerprint Timeframes and More

Situation Report | March 22, 2021

The state Department of Health (DOH) has released a Dear Administrator Letter (DAL) to provide clarification on the timeframes in which a “prospective employee” must be fingerprinted for a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC).  

Receipt of a LiveScan in the CHRC “Document Viewer” indicates a “prospective employee” must be fingerprinted in order for a determination to be rendered. Individuals must be scheduled for their fingerprint appointment within 21 days of receiving the initial LiveScan. If the preferred location to attend a fingerprint appointment is not available, the provider must review alternate locations.  

DOH reminds agencies that “no provider shall seek, directly or indirectly, to obtain from a prospective employee, temporary employee or employee compensation in any form for the payment for the fee or any facility costs associated with obtaining the criminal history information check required by this article.”   

DOH also strongly recommends each provider review its “roster” in the CHRC application to review the status of each submission and reconcile, as appropriate.