Read HCA’s 2021 ‘State of the Industry’ Report on Home Care, Hospice & MLTC Finances and Operations 

Situation Report | February 15, 2021

HCA has completed our most comprehensive State of the Industry Report to date — one of our centerpiece documents for HCA’s 2021 advocacy efforts.

This report brings together an analysis of cost report data, state and federal labor statistics, COVID-19 survey responses, and answers from home care providers on HCA’s most recent annual finance and trends survey, completed in January.

All told, our report tells the story of home care’s financial profile prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing on data from the most recently available 2018 to 2019 Medicaid cost, statistical, and managed care operating reports for home care, hospice and Managed Long Term Care. It also explains the impact of the pandemic on finances, workforce, and operations, drawing from several HCA provider surveys.

Among the key data: home and community-based care operating margins, top reported costs (including the skyrocketing expense of Personal Protective Equipment), the extent of short-term financing and borrowing that home care providers have assumed in order to cover costs, workforce turnover and vacancy rates, aging demographics and demand for services, and trends in the use of telehealth — all of which correspond to issues at play in the state budget.

This year’s report is web-based, offering interactive charts and graphs that we are sharing with lawmakers, the media, and on social media. We encourage you to use this report in support of your advocacy messaging.

The report also accompanies a one-page priorities document that HCA is also presenting to lawmakers, including as we did in a meeting last week convening our Board of Directors for discussions with Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried.