Upcoming Webinars: HIPAA and Documentation During a Pandemic, Plus the Hospice Proposed Rule

HCA is holding a two-part series of upcoming webinars on documentation and privacy issues — specifically issues and considerations during a pandemic — as well as a separate webinar to outline the new hospice proposed payment rule. Details are below. Registration for these and other programs are on HCA’s education page.

April 30 Webinar: Best Practices for Documentation During a Pandemic for Home Health and Hospice (register here)

This session will discuss what information needs to be documented in the medical record during a pandemic to ensure compliance with Conditions of Participation. The session will explore areas such as the visit narrative, face-to-face documentation, telehealth visits and home health aide supervision.

May 7 Webinar: Staying Compliant With HIPAA During a Pandemic (register here)

Confidentiality of patients’ and staff’s personal information needs to be upheld during the pandemic. Although the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has provided home health agencies and hospices some flexibilities, patient privacy is still a major concern. Staff need to understand the appropriate measures to take so that the agency is not at risk. This session will help agencies understand: the flexibilities under OCR for sharing information; utilizing telehealth technology (what to say and not to say); protocols that need to be taken to protect patient privacy and to protect the personal information of staff; and considerations for how to speak with patients about an infected staff member.

May 27 Webinar: Hospice Reimbursement and the Proposed Rule 2021 (register here)

The hospice election statement changes go into effect on October 2020. Are you ready? In addition to the election statement itself, there will also be an addendum requirement demanding that clinicians fully understand what is allowed and not allowed under the Medicare benefit and the regulations. This webinar will explain these important changes. It will provide the latest data on hospice reimbursement, and it will take you through other components of the Hospice Medicare Proposed Rule 2021. Plus, we’ll outline the demo for hospice inclusion in Medicare Advantage.